Hidden Simplicity

The Quantum Field Theory ToolKit

The Cosmological Constant Problem

Emergence and Holography

A map of Quantum Field Theory

The Theory
of Life

Quantum Theory 
of Gravity

Dark Matter

Black Holes



What is Unsolved ?

We know what we know, but we don’t know what we don’t know.

UNSOLVeD reveals the biggest unknowns of scientific research, those that keep scientists awake at night.

The goal of the project

UNSOLVeD is an outreach project that focusses on open, longstanding questions in scientific research. Rather than the unquestionable successes of the past, the project concentrates on the struggles of the future, portraying the science of tomorrow. UNSOLVeD is about the future of science, in which we are investing now.

It is based on the dialog with scientists, and transforms their current understanding, their frustrations and hopes, into animations that can be shared with everybody. 

UNSOLVeD was founded by Alexander Monin and Francesco Riva, theoretical physicists at the University of Geneva,  and is currently funded by an Agora grant of the Swiss National Science Foundation.

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