The cards

Our original cards are the perfect way to touch by hand something abstract by definition: Particle Physics.

Using them it is possible to materially build Feynman diagrams which, via a simple set of rules, describe the world of elementary particles. No prior knowledge is needed: even a 6 year old children can learn how to play!

The cards can be used both to play the card game and to start, using the app, a path to discover how our Universe works…

…Particle Physics can be as simple as a game of cards

The app

With our app it is possible to immerse yourself into a world which is impossible to touch by hand in real life: the realm particles…

Following the history of the various discoveries in the past years, you will be driven in a learning experience, to the discovery of the building blocks of the world we live in.

Follow the instructions, build the diagrams, and learn Particle Physics…

…without even knowing 

Download the app:

How to play: